Flexible Instruction

Our instruction options are designed to work around your life and your needs - not the other way around. Choose the style and schedule that work for you, then let us help you meet your fitness goals.

How To Get Started

The most effective way to set yourself up for success is to begin with our

Introductory Session

No matter where you want to go, what your budget is or how much time you have to dedicate to your practice, this is the place to start. Let us help you discover the best way to practice and get the most out of every dollar and every minute you spend with us.

Introductory Private Session – $35

Private, Duet, & Semi-Private Sessions

With these foundational packages, students will get the personal attention they need to most effectively address their goals and challenges. Working closely with a teacher gives students the confidence to enter into any level of practice, whether it is through a private one-one session, a duet (2 people), or semi-private (3-4 people). This is where students find the most lasting benefits and long-term success. Contact us to ask about our current New Client Specials and auto pay discounts!

Balance Package – 4 Sessions (1 Session per Week)
Privates - $240
Duets - $154
Semi-Privates/Jump Board - $140

Strength Package – 8 Sessions (2 Sessions per Week)
Privates - $460
Duets - $252
Semi-Privates/Jump Board - $240

Abundance Package – 12 Sessions (3 Sessions per Week)
Privates - $660
Duets - $348
Semi-Privates/Jump Board - $324

How To Continue For The Long Run

Our best advice? Make it easy. . Above all we want you to be able to practice often and consistently. In order to support you in doing that we’ve created an opportunity for you to TOTALLY CUSTOMIZE YOUR PRACTICE! Here are the packages that students love the most … because they are easy and effective!

PROGRAM DETAILS: In order to support you in getting the results that you most desire, all of our programs are run on a 3-month plan. Not only does this help you organize, commit, and get results it also helps you break-up the cost of your package into 3 convenient payments!! What could be better? We don’t think anything is!

Completely Customizable Training Programs

Our one-on-one sessions and group equipment classes called Trios (three person class), and even group classes, can be combined into a customizable program that fits your goals, schedule, and budget!!

Give yourself the attention and flexibility you need to achieve your fitness and well being goals and simplify your training. Pick and choose exactly how you want to practice with any combination of services. Benefits of the customizable packages: click for price list

  • We offer packages that help lower your monthly cost!
  • Set appointments to help keep your on track to your fitness goals.
  • Monthly and quarterly re-assessment for best results!

  • Talk to one of our expert staff and create the package that works best for you!

    Our Pre-packaged Programs

    With our pre-packaged programs we’ve taken some of the decision making out of it for you. These are programs we’ve seen students have tremendous success with and they are flexible and easy to use. You can choose from the following:

    Monthly Unlimited Classes - $99 w/ Auto Renew Monthly Unlimited Classes Plus 4 Trio sessions - $199 w/ Auto Renew Monthly Unlimited Classes Plus 4 Private sessions - $299 w/ Auto Renew *All Unlimited packages require a 3-month commitment.

    Are You a Pilates Groupie?

    We want to make sure that you know how valuable we think our group classes are too! If you want to create a more casual and flexible practice and love the group environment, continuing for the long run in our group classes is an excellent option. Take a look below and see what we offer…

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